Galvalume and Galvanised Steel

Ashwani Gupta and Alok Gupta’s mission is to “Engineer The Earth”.  MPIL enables effective use of steel to enhance infrastructure in India as well as across the world.

GALVALUME:  Galvalume is a steel coated with 55% Aluminum & 44 % Zinc over base metal.This provides corrosion resistant to the base metal. It has shiny appearance & widely used in industrial buildings. Due to its high strength durability &appealing appearance is widely used for roofing & other outdoor applications.


Thickness:- 0.30 mm  to 1.00 mm

Aluminum Zinc Coating: – AZ 70 & AZ 150

Yield Strength: – 350 to 550 MPa

Coating Type: – Regular Modified Polyester Coating , Silicon Modified Polyester Coating. PVDF Coating


Construction buildings, Industrial buildings & warehouses, PEB, Roofing & flooring, Decking, etc.

GALVANISED STEEL: Galvanised steel is a steel coated with Zinc oxide layer for protection from corrosion. Is inexpensive & widely used in many building & steel structures applications. Most of the industrial buildings, PEB structures, beams etc. are made of galvanised steel. Its Sacrificial Zinc oxide layer protects the base steel from rusting.


Thickness: – 0.30 mm to 1.00 mm

Zinc Coating: – 100 Gsm / 120 gsm /180 gsm / 275 gsm

Yield Strength: – 240 to 270 MPa

Coating Type: - Regular Modified Polyester Coating, Silicon Modified Polyester Coating.PVDF Coating


Construction buildings, Industrial buildings & warehouses, PEB, Roofing & flooring, Decking, etc.

Comparison Between Galvalume  and Galvanized Steel



Highly resistant to rust because of Zinc Oxide sacrificial layer which protects the base metal Resistant to rust due to Aluminium  & Zinc layer
Inexpensive Expensive
Cut edges are more protected in galvanised steel Cut edges are less protected
Corrosion does not spreads if it occurs at a point If corrosion occurs at a point it starts increasing & spreads rapidly
Galvanised steel is suitable for use with mortar & concrete Galvalume is not suitable with mortar & concrete as this is alkaline environment, in this galvalume rapidly corrodes
Less smoother surface More smoother & appealing appearance
Zinc layer is evenly distributed and protects the base metal by sacrificial anode method The layer does not protect the base metal if it gets corroded at any point or edge. It will destroy the base steel.
Requires painting Can be used bare. Does not require painting
Less corrosion resistance in marine environment than galvalume Has more corrosion resistant in marine environment
Less optically reflective Has higher optical reflectivity
Less longevity than galvalume . Has more longevity
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Fabrication And Assembly Of Structural Drawings

MPIL’s Structures are designed and engineered for each customer’s site specific conditions to minimize the field installation labor and require no field welding, drilling or other on-site fabrication. At MPIL we understand the cardinal rule of fabrication, that material supplied by us, must be finally connected at site with perfect assembly says Ashwani Gupta and Alok Gupta.

fabrication - MPILFabricated Sections Production Line

  • Sections fabricated from plate.
  • Sections design for minimum weight and optimum fire protection.
  • Automatic material handling.
  • Automatic twin head welding.
  • Service holes cut in beam webs as required.
  • Sections up to 18m long, 2.0m deep.

Automatic Welding Bay with

  • Sawing and Drilling Facility
  • Online submerged arc welding lines.
  • In-house NDT and Ultrasonic testing available.
  • Ongoing inspection and welding quality testing.
  • CNC controlled as well manual cutting and drilling
  • Accuracy up to +/- 1mm.

Shot Blasting and Painting Line

  • Shot blast to SA2.5 or higher grade.
  • Removal of all mill scale and rust particles.
  • Ideal for paint adhesion.
  • Red-oxide or enamel painting lines up to 150 microns with enamel

Typical Fabrication and Assembly of Structural Drawings

  1. To achieve this we provide pre-assembly, both at pre-welding fit up stage; and post-welding stage, of all loose structural items to ensure perfect connection on site, and zero failures in assembly and minimize any wastage of time at site.
  2. We have highly experienced and skilled fitters wherein we can do assemblies of wide structures in two or three dimensional forms, across a dedicated area of 100m x 100m.

strucural design - MPIL

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Kochi Metro Setup – MPIL

Since 2001, MPIL STEEL STRUCTURES LTD, has evolved as a leading manufacturer of heavy and complex steel structures, per-engineering metal buildings and fabricated solar panel mounting systems. With over 15 years of experience in the steel industry, Ashwani Gupta and Alok Gupta has seen growth in all the dimensions.

MPIL have also experience in the metro stations projects, where we have manufactured a lot of structures including square hollow sections, circular hollow sections columns main trusses longitudinal trusses with a very fast delivery time and high level of quality by considering the aesthetic look there was a very high quality procedure for the paints. For the fast production we had prepared many layouts of the trusses based on their different types of variety. And then we have to just bend the pipe as per the given radius and put the pipe in layout and do the fit up and welding. Each truss was containing 3 radial pipes and a lot of connecting bracings. The length of the truss was 12 to 16 meters in length.

kochi metro - MPIL

Kochi Metro - MPIL 1MPIL- Kochi metro

setup kochi metro - MPIL


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Technical Expertise by Ashwani Gupta and Alok Gupta

With Ashwani Gupta and Alok Gupta’s guidance and technical expertise, MPIL has become one of the leading manufacturer of steel and heavy structures. MPIL possesses a unique expertise resulting from the variety and complexity of projects it has completed over the years. The team is particularly skilled at addressing the crucial technical challenges posed by the construction of major industrial projects in difficult environments.

MPIL’s unique USP is assisting clients across the entire value chain of projects across different verticals. MPIL provides a range of solutions including:
1) Estimation support at the time of Tendering.
2) Design and engineering support.
3) Detailing services.
4) Fabrication of Steel structures.
5) Sheeting and other building accessories.
6) Erection services.

Software used – (BOCAD, compatibility with Tekla), Autocad, Staad Pro & MBS Solutions provided.

Design and detailing team Strength - We have procure Design and detailing software BOCAD for improve the overall output of our design and detailing department in this financial year. We have started using these software which have resulted in an overall increase in the detailing output of our department by almost 40% with the same resources.

Designers – 3 and Detailers -14

technical MPIL

MPIL Techinical

Typical Arrangement Of Bunker Bins & Hopper (Left) Assembly Instructions (Right) –

We have to do the assemblies for inspection and again dissemble prior to dispatch to site. Outer wall of the bunker shell is of MS plates but the inner wall is of Stainless steel as per the requirement of the project. So we have to be very careful while fabrication of SS to MS and SS to SS welding. Then after welding we have to maintain the properties of SS for the final dispatch.

Here we also did the Plug welding of the SS plate at the surface of the MS plate.

The packing and transportation of material was done in a very specific manner for the protection of SS plates.

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Advantages & Applications of Steel Deck by Ashwani Gupta and Alok Gupta

Steel decking profile of various shapes and width are used in PEBs. The formed structure bears more strength and can be easily fit with each other. They can be easily aligned with each other.  The metal decks can bear high tensile loads. They can be used for the walls roofing’s and floorings of any warehouses, storage areas, factories, etc. They are cost effective than concrete structures and easily installing structure. Due to its light weight, transportation has become very easier.

MP – Steel Deck

MP-Steel Deck is a type of steel decking profile – one of its kind in India – at par with international standards of steel design and strength. This decking profile can be used as a composite floor system or as a permanent form work. It binds with concrete slab and together forms a part of the floor structure. The interlocking between the concrete and the floor deck occur by a system of embossment and ribs that are built into the deck, creating a reinforced concrete slab. This fast and simple installation using high strength product, gives immediate access to a working platform of permanent form and positive reinforcement.

Young’s Modulus = 200 GPa.

Deflection Limit = Span/150 (IS 800 – 2007).

The sheets should span over minimum four supports.

Steel-MPIL Steel Structure-MPIL


MPIL-Steel S MPIL_SStructure

MPIL-SS1, Steel Deck


  1. Applied in composite RCC structures
  2. Ware houses & factories Roofings & base Flooring.
  3. Application for multi-storey building purposes
  4. Application in roofings for Electrical insulations
  5. Application for mounting Solar panels

Steel Structure- MPILStructure-MPIL MPIL-SS3

1. The Metal decking is easy to install

2. The construction & installation is cost effective

3. Faster erection of these metal frames by maintaining the strength of the overall building structure.

4. Consumption of concrete is less

5. Flooring is stronger & the metal frame gives the extra strength to the cement slab.

6. Its strength to weight ratio becomes useful for the easy transport and speed ups the installation process.

7. Withstand high wind speeds as its formed structure gives high load bearing capacity.

8. Excellent space coverage is obtained

9. Light Weight – reduces weight of concrete floor by almost 50%

10. Economical – does not require additional support; reduces use of concrete; reduces slab thickness; savings in reinforcement steel

11. Time Saving – easy and rapid installation; no major reinforcement required

12. Multi-faceted – flooring, roofing or cladding, temporary or permanent shuttering, working platform during construction

13. Multi-use – widely used in multiple-storey buildings, shopping malls, super markets, storage facilities, mezzanines, bridges, walkways, platforms, warehouses, industrial sheds, control rooms

14. Aesthetic appeal – Offers internal polished look; available in every of colors; no need for internal plastering of roofs

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Blasting & Painting

With over 15 years of experience in this industry, Ashwani Gupta and Alok Gupta have seen MPIL  grow in all the dimensions. Today MPIL is amongst the leading manufacturer of steel and heavy structures. Here, we tell you how the blasting and painting process  takes place at MPIL.


The bare surfaces are prepared by mechanical abrasion by shot blasting methods for removal of paint and dirt.

SHOT BLASTING – in this, the small metal balls or sharp metal particles are shot on the surface for cleaning purpose or for paint removal of old paint if any. This makes the bare surface rough enough suitable for the painting purposes. As the steel itself is not suitable for adhering paint on it, hence it need to be roughened by this process.


MPIL-Painting MPIL - Painting Procedure

No of Coats 1 1 2
DFT 30 micron 75 micron 20 micron

1. Before priming the surface is prepared by power tool cleaning.

2. Painting is done at controlled environment only which is free from dust & paint soot.

3. The paint is mixed with hardener and thinner in the ratio as suggested in the TC or technical manual only.

4. Primer paint shall be applied immediately or within 4 hours in the case of shot blast cleaning and within 8 hours for mechanical cleaning.

5. For all machined components, rust preventive fluids shall be applied.

6. Wherever Second coat or Finish coat is to be applied in succession, 24 hours minimum drying time shall be provided between each coat for single pack paints. For two-pack system refer paint supplier’s catalogue.

7. WFT & DFT are calculated using DFT meter.

8. Testing & Inspection is done after every application of the coat of primer & paint to ensure quality painting work.

9. Inspection like Adhesion by Cross hatch test by elcometer, DFT for paint thickness, etc.

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Steel Buildings Over Concrete Buildings by Ashwani Gupta and Alok Gupta

Advantages Of :

  1. Strength of steel is excellent it can be moulded and fabricated in various designs & shapes by maintaining the strength.
  2. Steel can be recycled & relocated without any waste
  3. Steel does not cause any kind of pollution whereas concrete causes silica pollution
  4. Tall towers can be constructed using steel easily
  5. MPIL Pre Engineered buildings lowers the time & site cost of during construction & erection.
  6. The metal-steel is flexible & sustainable than any other.
  7. The steel building when painted give aesthetic pleasing look.
  8. Steel requires minimal maintenance.

Prestige Tower- MPIL

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Strengths of MPIL

Being one of the leading manufacturers of heavy and complex steel structures, MPIL’s CEO Ashwani Gupta and Executive Director Alok Gupta believe in improving resource and energy efficiency in construction by giving their personal time to the department. The QA QC teams directly reports to the management so as to ensure timely service with highest quality.

1. Raw Material

MPIL procures the best quality raw material as per the client requirement meeting IS, ISO ASTM standards. Also the raw material is inspected at various levels prior to fabrication so as to ensure quality of work.

MPIL-Raw-Material Raw Material MPIL


MPIL Raw Material2. Design Support in-house

MPIL fabricates complex steel structures against all odds with the help of the best advanced facility of the Machineries & Qualified & Skilled Workforce.

MPIL-RM-33. Technically Skilled Staff

MPIL technically serves the best structures as per standard technical specifications & meet the standards up to the mark. Technical inspections are carried out to ensure the strength of the material & fabricated finished structures.

Raw Material - MPIL4. Direct reporting of Quality department to management.

MPIL believes in giving quality product & material supplies to our clients. The QA QC teams directly reports to the management so as to timely rectifications if any and to ensure timely service with highest quality. MPIL’s focuses more on quality & safety.

MPIL - Employees

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MPIL Quality & Management Structure – Salient Features of MPIL


MPIL’s structures are the backbone of Mumbai International Airport Complex, Reliance Jamnagar III Refinery, Dhirubhai Ambani International Convention & Exhibition Center (DAICEC) and many such structures that stand tall and strong today. Being as one of the leading manufacturer of heavy and complex steel structures wouldn’t have been possible if Ashwani Gupta and Alok Gupta’s Quality and Management Structure for MPIL wouldn’t have been strong.

QUALITY- With the highest standards of quality and efficiency in the industry, MPIL takes to complete large-scale projects. MPIL’s success rate is evident in the fact that over 60% of its business each year comes from existing clients who have placed their trust in MPIL over and over again.

EXPERTISE - Heavy-Complex-Steel-Structures. PEB,Metal Decking & Roofing’s , SMART solar solutions. Over the last decade, MPIL has emerged as a leading manufacturer of complex steel structures, pre-engineered buildings and fabricated solar panel mounting structures.

EFFICIENCY- Aggregate production capacity of 50,000 tons per year and a team of 650 engineers and contractors. MPIL is dedicated to improving resource and energy efficiency in construction.

COMMITMENT- MPIL is dedicated to the achievement of the ultimate Triple bottom line :

  1. Our team members must grow
  2. Our impact to the environment must reduce
  3. Our revenue should multiply sustainably


Fortitude is RED – iron ore with the promise of strength

Efficiency is BLUE – fluid, fast, flexible and efficient

Outlook is GREEN–dedicated to environmental protection , energy and resource efficiency.


Fabrication facility

  • CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machines and Plasma machine Automatic saw welding station.
  • 100,000 square feet of storage yard for materials
  • EOT Cranes ,Hydraulic Cranes, Goliath crane
  • highly skilled welders, riggers and fitters

Shot Blasting & Painting –

Cold Roll Forming

  • Crimping machine, Decking machine and bending machines Testing facility:
  • In house testing facilities and tie ups with NABL approved labs for various Mechanical, Chemical & NDT services.

COST SAVINGS–A clean, green, and economically viable alternative to soaring electricity prices -MPIL’s Green solution in SMART –Solar Mounted Advanced Roof-top Technologies saves

  • Long term IRR’s greater than 20%
  • Avail upto 30% capital subsidy from MNRE
  • 80% accelerated depreciation for profit making units
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High Rise Buildings by MPIL

With a vision to become India’s leading manufacturer of steel structures and metal building components, Ashwani Gupta and Alok Gupta‘s profound dedication has made this come true. High rise buildings by MPIL stand tall not only in Mumbai but across India.

MPIL’s steel structures have allowed modern composite (concrete and steel) construction of high-rise buildings. Our steel girders are effective in their high ratio of tensile strength to thickness of material used and their frames can be repeated over floors to achieve height with economy and easy of design. Steel structures minimize dead load per floor resulting in savings of materials, labor and time. Our structures shine tall in iconic projects showcased here in multi-use buildings such as hotels, offices and residential towers.

Sahara Star Hotel & Convention Centre, Mumbai

sahara-hotel-mpilL&T ECC Division

    • 1500 Tons of structure supplied
    • 32 Meter long columns, fully per-assembled in factory
    • Plate thickness up to 60mm
    • Web width of girders featuring 2.7 meters
    • Shot-blasting and painting of DFT 70 microns

sahara-hotel-structure sahara-hotel-structure-1

Oasis Tower

oasis-tower-mpilHigh rise construction is moving towards composite steel structures, away from RCC designs this allows for the building to be more stable, go higher without increasing the dead load. Oasis is a 372 mtr high, skyscraper under construction in Worli, Mumbai. It is a multi-use complex featuring the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and residential units.

MPIL has supplied heavy thickness plate welded girders to this project.

World One Tower
world-one-tower-mpilLodha Group

  • World’s tallest residential tower at 442 meter height
  • Four plates of 63mm welded together to achieve collective fabrication thickness of 240mm
  • Entire structure I shot-dip galvanized
  • Structure used in bracings in the King Tower and the World Crest Tower

Marathon Future X

marathon-future-x-mpilEversendai Construction Pvt Ltd  & L&T Construction

  • 600 Tons of floor beams and connection structure supplied
  • Structure features metal deck panels for floors
  • Building height is 168 meters

Kingfisher Tower

kingfisher-tower-mpilKing fisher towers, with 34 storeys, is the tallest residential building in Bangalore. MPIL has supplied 1500MT of heavy structural steel members for the entire project.

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