Energy efficient MPIL S.M.A.R.T (Solar mounted advanced renewable technology) buildings:-

Among the available renewable sources of energy, solar power is the most abundant, universally available. The earth receives as much energy from the sun in one hour as is consumed by entire humanity in a year. With increasingly efficient and cost effective means for tapping this virtually limitless energy source, solar power is fast becoming accessible and prevalent. However, area requirements particularly in prime locations such as industrials sheds make it difficult to justify solar power farms to generate energy.

MPIL Steel Structures (MPIL) and SuRe Energy Systems (SuRe) collaborated to conceptualize the S.M.A.R.T. (Solar Mounted Advance Renewable Technology) buildings that are designed to utilize the hitherto unproductive roof tops to generate grid-ready power without using any storage or batteries. Such a system utilizes grid-tie architecture to seamlessly integrate generated solar power into the factory’s mini-grid thereby replacing grid power up to the capacity installed.

MPIL sets new standards in Energy efficiency – becomes the first company in India to install Solar panel on factory rooftop.

A 21KW rated rooftop mounted captive power plant that SuRe implemented recently at MPIL’s Tarapur facility is expected to generate more than 30,000 kWh during the year saving MPIL over 2.4 Lacs per annum in electricity bills. SuRe’s system design addressed unique challenges of maximizing output on a non-ideal location and orientation, while keeping in mind the durability with plant lifetimes of over 25 years. MPIL’s expertise in design and installation of PEBs helped significantly in overcoming surface mounting issues that ensure that the solar panels affixed on the surface will survive extreme environmental conditions. The success of the installation has prompted MPIL to consider extending its solar power component from 21 Kw to over 60 Kw in the near future.

SuRe with its expertise in solar power plant system design and commissioning in partnership with MPIL have come together to offer turn-key solution for new or retro-fit solar captive power plants for all rooftops. Some of the features of the offering are:

–         Installation sizes greater than 150 square meters – equivalent to 20 KWp or more

–         Cost effective at Rs. 18000 to 20,000/- per square meter

–         Captive power plant will generate 200-230 kWh per square meter installed

–         Lifetime of 25 years or more with warranties of 10 years or more for system components

–         Best in class system components ensuring safe, reliable, and effective operation for power plant life

With over 13% deficit in power generation in India, rising prices for electricity from conventional sources, volatility of diesel prices, we  believes that a captive power plant based on solar is the ideal solution for the growing energy needs in India.


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