Galvalume and Galvanised Steel

Ashwani Gupta and Alok Gupta’s mission is to “Engineer The Earth”.  MPIL enables effective use of steel to enhance infrastructure in India as well as across the world.

GALVALUME:  Galvalume is a steel coated with 55% Aluminum & 44 % Zinc over base metal.This provides corrosion resistant to the base metal. It has shiny appearance & widely used in industrial buildings. Due to its high strength durability &appealing appearance is widely used for roofing & other outdoor applications.


Thickness:- 0.30 mm  to 1.00 mm

Aluminum Zinc Coating: – AZ 70 & AZ 150

Yield Strength: – 350 to 550 MPa

Coating Type: – Regular Modified Polyester Coating , Silicon Modified Polyester Coating. PVDF Coating


Construction buildings, Industrial buildings & warehouses, PEB, Roofing & flooring, Decking, etc.

GALVANISED STEEL: Galvanised steel is a steel coated with Zinc oxide layer for protection from corrosion. Is inexpensive & widely used in many building & steel structures applications. Most of the industrial buildings, PEB structures, beams etc. are made of galvanised steel. Its Sacrificial Zinc oxide layer protects the base steel from rusting.


Thickness: – 0.30 mm to 1.00 mm

Zinc Coating: – 100 Gsm / 120 gsm /180 gsm / 275 gsm

Yield Strength: – 240 to 270 MPa

Coating Type: - Regular Modified Polyester Coating, Silicon Modified Polyester Coating.PVDF Coating


Construction buildings, Industrial buildings & warehouses, PEB, Roofing & flooring, Decking, etc.

Comparison Between Galvalume  and Galvanized Steel



Highly resistant to rust because of Zinc Oxide sacrificial layer which protects the base metal Resistant to rust due to Aluminium  & Zinc layer
Inexpensive Expensive
Cut edges are more protected in galvanised steel Cut edges are less protected
Corrosion does not spreads if it occurs at a point If corrosion occurs at a point it starts increasing & spreads rapidly
Galvanised steel is suitable for use with mortar & concrete Galvalume is not suitable with mortar & concrete as this is alkaline environment, in this galvalume rapidly corrodes
Less smoother surface More smoother & appealing appearance
Zinc layer is evenly distributed and protects the base metal by sacrificial anode method The layer does not protect the base metal if it gets corroded at any point or edge. It will destroy the base steel.
Requires painting Can be used bare. Does not require painting
Less corrosion resistance in marine environment than galvalume Has more corrosion resistant in marine environment
Less optically reflective Has higher optical reflectivity
Less longevity than galvalume . Has more longevity
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