High Rise Buildings by MPIL

With a vision to become India’s leading manufacturer of steel structures and metal building components, Ashwani Gupta and Alok Gupta‘s profound dedication has made this come true. High rise buildings by MPIL stand tall not only in Mumbai but across India.

MPIL’s steel structures have allowed modern composite (concrete and steel) construction of high-rise buildings. Our steel girders are effective in their high ratio of tensile strength to thickness of material used and their frames can be repeated over floors to achieve height with economy and easy of design. Steel structures minimize dead load per floor resulting in savings of materials, labor and time. Our structures shine tall in iconic projects showcased here in multi-use buildings such as hotels, offices and residential towers.

Sahara Star Hotel & Convention Centre, Mumbai

sahara-hotel-mpilL&T ECC Division

    • 1500 Tons of structure supplied
    • 32 Meter long columns, fully per-assembled in factory
    • Plate thickness up to 60mm
    • Web width of girders featuring 2.7 meters
    • Shot-blasting and painting of DFT 70 microns

sahara-hotel-structure sahara-hotel-structure-1

Oasis Tower

oasis-tower-mpilHigh rise construction is moving towards composite steel structures, away from RCC designs this allows for the building to be more stable, go higher without increasing the dead load. Oasis is a 372 mtr high, skyscraper under construction in Worli, Mumbai. It is a multi-use complex featuring the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and residential units.

MPIL has supplied heavy thickness plate welded girders to this project.

World One Tower
world-one-tower-mpilLodha Group

  • World’s tallest residential tower at 442 meter height
  • Four plates of 63mm welded together to achieve collective fabrication thickness of 240mm
  • Entire structure I shot-dip galvanized
  • Structure used in bracings in the King Tower and the World Crest Tower

Marathon Future X

marathon-future-x-mpilEversendai Construction Pvt Ltd  & L&T Construction

  • 600 Tons of floor beams and connection structure supplied
  • Structure features metal deck panels for floors
  • Building height is 168 meters

Kingfisher Tower

kingfisher-tower-mpilKing fisher towers, with 34 storeys, is the tallest residential building in Bangalore. MPIL has supplied 1500MT of heavy structural steel members for the entire project.

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