Technical Expertise by Ashwani Gupta and Alok Gupta

With Ashwani Gupta and Alok Gupta’s guidance and technical expertise, MPIL has become one of the leading manufacturer of steel and heavy structures. MPIL possesses a unique expertise resulting from the variety and complexity of projects it has completed over the years. The team is particularly skilled at addressing the crucial technical challenges posed by the construction of major industrial projects in difficult environments.

MPIL’s unique USP is assisting clients across the entire value chain of projects across different verticals. MPIL provides a range of solutions including:
1) Estimation support at the time of Tendering.
2) Design and engineering support.
3) Detailing services.
4) Fabrication of Steel structures.
5) Sheeting and other building accessories.
6) Erection services.

Software used – (BOCAD, compatibility with Tekla), Autocad, Staad Pro & MBS Solutions provided.

Design and detailing team Strength - We have procure Design and detailing software BOCAD for improve the overall output of our design and detailing department in this financial year. We have started using these software which have resulted in an overall increase in the detailing output of our department by almost 40% with the same resources.

Designers – 3 and Detailers -14

technical MPIL

MPIL Techinical

Typical Arrangement Of Bunker Bins & Hopper (Left) Assembly Instructions (Right) –

We have to do the assemblies for inspection and again dissemble prior to dispatch to site. Outer wall of the bunker shell is of MS plates but the inner wall is of Stainless steel as per the requirement of the project. So we have to be very careful while fabrication of SS to MS and SS to SS welding. Then after welding we have to maintain the properties of SS for the final dispatch.

Here we also did the Plug welding of the SS plate at the surface of the MS plate.

The packing and transportation of material was done in a very specific manner for the protection of SS plates.

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