The Triple Bottom Line @ MPIL – By Ashwani Gupta

At MPIL, we find that the more we invest in our People and our Planet, the more positively our Profits respond.

The People First Approach
While our modern machinery ensures accuracy and speed, it is the genius of our engineers to determine how best to use them. Our team members are what makes us a unique, boutique steel fabrication company. It is their dedication, determination and hard work that helps us make aggressive commitments and push projects through hurdles. Therefore, we measure our growth in terms of how our team members grow, learn and impact our business. Reach out to us to learn more about our MPIL Circle of Trust and other in-house initiatives to encourage intra-preneurship at MPIL.

We are lean and GREEN
We are devoted to demonstrating that large scale construction can indeed have an environment-friendly outlook. Some of the ways in which we ensure this are:

• We maintain a LEED Gold Certified Factory
• We recycle almost 98% of the scrap generated in our plant
• We source raw materials from less than 100KMS radius, reducing fuel and transportation.
• Our plant is backed by our very own captive rooftop solar power plant.
• We rely on wind-driven ventilation and natural sunlight to operate our plant.
• Each year we set aggressive goals to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment surrounding us.
• We work closely with our local community partners such as Recycle Karo to build on our efforts to save our planet.

Our Profits follow.
At MPIL, our growth has been consistent in the face of a challenging global economy. While we have demonstrated a 600% Compounded Annualized Growth Rate over the last five years, our profits have been the solid bedrock of our organization, which have allowed us to expand our capabilities.

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