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MPIL roofing solutions

Roofing Solutions

MPIL Roofing Solutions is a business unit of the MPIL Group, focusing on design, manufacture and supply of metal building components such as profiled color-coated zinc-aluminum sheets, steel decks, channels and purlins as well as accessories such as ridges, gutters, down-take pipes, doors, windows and skylight sheets. MPIL Roofing Solutions has a zero-accident rate as it adheres to highest standards for safety and has successfully commissioned over 50,00,000 square meters of roofing and cladding across India.

  • Design & Detailing  

Bill of Material calculation

2-D & 3-D layouts and proposal drawings

Complex roof geometries and innovative

ZA designs

Purlins, sag rod, brace rod detailing

Technical consultationCAD support


  • Manufacturing

AT MRS, we use primary, high quality, pre-painted or bare galvanized and zinc-aluminum coils. We carry stock of minimum 1000 tons in our plant of standard colors (Brick Red, Light or Sky Blue, Off White or Cream, and Environment Green) such that we can dispatch within 48 hours of order confirmation


  • Installation

Installation, laying and fixing of sheets is just as important as using good quality material. Roofing and cladding installation is an extremely technical and skill-based job and which contractor you choose can complete determine the outcome of your project. MRS prides itself in its installationand fixing expertise.

Technical Data

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