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MPIL’s structures are the backbone of the Mumbai International Airport Complex, Reliance Jamnagar III Refinery, DhirubhaiAmbani International Convention & Exhibition Center (DAICEC) and the 800MW Power Plant of NTPC in Gadarwara, Madhya Pradesh

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  • RIL-Jamnagar 3

  • View of World One Tower in Mumbai

    World One Tower, Mumbai

  • View of Prestige Tower Bangalore

    Prestige Tower, Bangalore

Plant facilities

MPIL Machinery
Painting on Fabricated Material
Cutting Machine at MPIL
MPIL - Machinery
Lifting Crane at MPIL
Machinery and Technology at MPIL
Machinery Section at MPIL
Steel Structures at MPIL
MPIL Steel Structures
MPIL Machinery & Technology
Machinery and Technology - MPIL
Machinery at MPIL
Welding at MPIL