MPIL Plate Welded Beams

World over, parallel flange beams are the increasingly preferred standard for large constructions owing to their superior strength, cost-savings, enhanced durability, and higher load-bearing capacity. MPIL beams are now the most sought after primary sections recommended by structural engineers, architects and construction companies throughout India.
Applications :
Multi-story buildings, bridges, flyovers, rail projects, power plants, refineries, airports and industrial sheds. Advantages of MPIL Plate Welded Beams

  • Enhanced life cycle and durability.
  • Time saving as manufactured on automatic online cutting and welding lines.
  • Steel savings in excess of 20% as lower sectional weight beams can achieve higher load bearing capacity.
  • Ideal for bolted or fabricated construction.
  • Offer tremendous flexibility in design as beams are entirely custom-made.
  • Shot blasted and painted; aesthetically superior.

Product Specification

  • Steel Grade.
  • MPIL H/I Beams.
  • Flange width : 200mm to 1500mm.
  • Web thickness : 6mm to 60mm.
  • Plate thickness : 6mm to 60mm.
  • Length : Upto 12000mm without welding joint.
  • (can be made longer with welding joint).
  • IS 2062: E250A, E250B, E300, E350, E410.
  • ASTM: A36, A572 Grade 50 Certifications.
  • MPIL sections are also certified by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mumbai, Department of Structural Engineering.

MPIL Plus/Cross Beams

  • Maximum weight per section can be 35 tons.
  • Maximum size per column can be 1200mm x 1200mm.
  • Range of plate thickness can be 6mm to 60mm.

MPIL T-Beams

  • Flange width can be maximum of 1200mm.
  • Length upto 12 meters without welding joint.

MPIL Box Beams

  • Width can be maximum of 1200mm to 1200mm.
  • Length upto 12 meters without welding joint.

MPIL Rafters

  • Flange up to thickness of 40mm can be made.
  • Web Up to Depth of 1200mm can be made MPIL Taper Column.
  • Taper can be increase to reduce the footing size & save foor space.