MPIL Decking Sheets

MPIL Steel Structures India Limited has over 20 years experience in the composite metal decking industry. We bring the technical, construction and commercial benifits of composite construction to the Indian market.

Why our Decking Profiles?

Light Weight : Reduces weight of concrete floors by almost 50%.
Economical : MPIL metal decks do not require any additional support and reduce usage of concrete, reduce slab thickness while generating savings in reinforcement of steel.
Quick installation : Our metal decks are easy to instal without the need of any reinforcements.
Multi-faceted : Metal Decks can be used for flooring, roofing and cladding, working platform during construction and temporary or permanent shuttering.
Multi use : MPIL decking sheets are widely used in multi-story buildings, shopping malls, super markets, storage facilities, mezzanines, bridges, walkways, platforms, warehouse, industrial sheds, control rooms and more.
Aesthetic appeal : Metal Decks offer a polished look in a variety of colors, with no need for internal plastering of roofs.

MPIL Decking Profiles

We offer a range of decking profiles in gauges varying from 0.8 to 1.25mm; all profiles are manufactured from steel strip to ASTM 653 / SS275 with guaranteed minimum yield strength of 350 N/mm2. Each Profile provides its own set of advantages to flexibly meet individual project requirements.

Decking Profile: MP - 80 - 615

Technical Specification

Covered Width 615
Supply Width 615
Pitch 302
Crest Height 80
Crest Width 139
Lip 25

*All measurements are in mm
Thickness of the MPIL Decking Sheets range from 0.60 mm to 1.2 mm. Standard Utilization of is 0.80mm.

Decking Profile: MP - 51

Covered Width 960
Supply Width 960
Pitch 240
Crest Height 51
Crest Width 92
Lip 10

*All measurements are in mm
Thickness of the MPIL Decking Sheets range from 0.60mm to 1.2mm. Standard Utilization is 0.80mm.