MP-CEE and MP-ZED Purlins are secondary members of steel structures which serve as the basic material of construction for fast-track projects. These purlins are categorized by high strength, yet low cost (as a result of the high strength to weight ratio). MP Purlins are supplied in required sizes and lengths with pre-punched holes for quick bolting. The production system deployed consists of international standard cold-roll forming technology using high quality machines with online measuring, cutting, punching and forming to provide assured dimensions and straightness, and an overall supreme quality product. MP Purlins are widely used in commercial, industrial and rural buildings, steel structures, sheds and awnings as well as in racking and wall framings.

Advantages of MP-CEE and MP-ZED Purlins

  • Very high strength-to—weight ratio: high strength – low cost.
  • More than 40% saving in steel.
  • More than 30% saving in overall construction cost.
  • Easy and low-cost handling and transportation.
  • Economy due to reduction in dead weight on the main frame structure.
  • Significantly reduce installation time.
  • Ability to span long lengths.
  • No site drilling or cutting required.
  • Maintenance free owing to application of proper surface finish.
  • Purlins are factory finished, cut to application of proper surface finish.
  • Continuous splay and splicing for better structural strength, stability and economy.
  • 45 degree(use degree sign) lip for better sectional modulus and easy nesting.

Technical & Material Specification

Thickness 1.5mm to3mm
Length Upto 12000mm
Material CR Steel as per IS:513/HR Steel as per IS: 1079
Yield Strength 245 MPa to 345 MPa
Type Bare, Primer coated, Galvanized, Painted MP-ZED purlins made of hot rolled coil are degreased, phosphate and then primer finished with Zinc Chromate Red-Oxide Paint matching test requirement of IS:4777 and IS:2047. Special treatment to combat sever atmospheric corrosion can be offered. We also offer purlins in galvanized coated steel in 120 GSM/175 GSM/275 GSM coating as per customer requirement.