The MPIL Experience

At MPIL we offer a safe, thrilling, inventive, open and challenging work environment. We know that people choose a career for different reasons and we aim to offer you as many reasons as we can, to choose one with us. An MPIL Team Member is One Who Welcomes challenges Values practical and cost effective solutions Puts safety above all else Believes in the potential of MPIL and its significant role in the infrastructure industry. MPIL is one of the fastest growing PEB companies in India and we welcome all those who share our mission and are keen on making a difference. Some features that make MPIL a wonderful place to work are: Complete technical on products, strategy and safety Accidental and health insurance policy for all Residence provision near work sites Competitive pay-packages Flexible and friendly work environment. Equal opportunity for all.

If you would like to join the MPIL team, please send your resume to or view our Current Openings.